ENGAGE! Programs and Services

ENGAGE! Programs and Services

ENGAGE! Executive Groups - CEO, executive, and business owner peer mentoring membership groups using the ENGAGE! tools

Executive Coaching - Private sessions to develop your high-performance team

ENGAGE! Team - Workshop sessions to equip your team using the ENGAGE! tools

Using the ENGAGE! process business owners & CEOs build engaged, high-performance teams to double revenue per employee and to create 15% to 40% annual growth

ENGAGE! Executive Groups are peer-to-peer advisory groups led by ENGAGE! professional facilitators

This unique approach builds employee engagement

Monthly, half-day, virtual meetings provide a high return on your time investment

Gain insights and input from a trusted group of peers as you all build sustainable high-performance teams

Want to learn more about our approach? Send me a message and we can jump on a 15-minute discovery call to see if we have a good fit.

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About Brent Hultman


Brent Hultman spent years discovering how to build successful teams and to develop leaders to inspire high-performance teams. He served in Army engineer and psychological operations units, led sales and training teams, founded tech start-ups, and developed and coached leaders for small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and local and federal government agencies. These experiences equipped Brent to diagnose problems and to apply effective, measurable solutions, solutions that he shares in this book. Brent lives in Colorado and has an active outdoor living style. He volunteers in leadership with an association of summer camps, and he has four grandchildren.

His experience in facilitating strategic planning for businesses and non-profits give him unique skills in identifying issues and then identifying the best options and engagement strategies for your team. Brent looks at the bigger picture and identifies interrelated issues. This is important because it reduces unintended consequences and costly mistakes resulting from short-term, knee-jerk decisions.

Understanding an issue and possible solutions as well as potential collateral damage, a measure twice and cut once approach is key to your success. Knowing what is desired, and why, needs to precede offering answers. Appropriate action is driven by knowing the desired outcome and the best alternatives to get there. It’s a move quickly but wisely approach. Strong engagement from your team and thoughtful conversations are critical steps to discovering the best solutions to business challenges.

Here are the four steps to high-performance outcomes:

Support your people in the discovery of their innate strengths and conditioning

Build a full engagement culture

Play from your strengths

Empower true leaders to maintain your high-performance team